How can I start data acquisition using the GraphQL APIs?

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How can I start data acquisition using the GraphQL APIs?

Data acquisition can be started using the GraphQL APIs. These GraphQL APIs can be accessed via where is the IP address of your iQunet Server. You can open the GraphQL interface in your web browser or access the APIs using a client library in Python, Matlab, etc.


With the GraphQL APIs, you can manually start a recording, or you can enable automatic periodic measurements.


Manually recorded measurements

Each sensor type has a different command to start a recording.


a) Proximity Sensor

mutation {hallRunSetup(sensitivity: 128, macId: “20:ba:bd:9f”) {ok}}


Required arguments:

  • numSamples,
  • sensitivity, a unitless number between 0 (off) and 255 (highest sensitivity).


b) Inclination Sensor

mutation {tiltRunSetup(threshold: 0.0, numSamples: 255, guardRoll: 50, macId: “44:44:44:44”) {ok}}


Required arguments:

  • tiltGuardRoll,
  • tiltNumSamples,
  • tiltThreshold.


c) Proximity Switch Sensor

mutation {reedRunSetup(numSamples: 31, macId: “f2:8e:cc:78”) {ok}}


Required arguments:

  • numSamples, the number of transmissions before the sensor returns to sleep mode.


d) Vibration Sensor

mutation {vibrationRunSetup(sampleRate: 3200, formatRange: 16, threshold: 0.01, axis: “XYZ”, numSamples: 2048, macId: “e7:f9:6e:36”) {ok}}


Required arguments:

  • sampleRate,
  • formatRange,
  • numSamples,
  • axis,
  • rms threshold.


Automatic measurements

The setQueueEnabled method enables the user to enable or disable automatic measurements on the specified sensor device.

mutation {setQueueEnabled(enabled: true, macId: “e7:f9:6e:36”) {ok}}


Required arguments:

  • enabled: true to enable automatic measurements, false to disable automatic measurements.


The setQueueInterval method sets the auto-measurement interval of the specified sensor device.

mutation {setQueueInterval(interval: 120, macId: “e7:f9:6e:36”) {ok}}


Required arguments:

  • interval, units [s].