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Pioneering Intelligent Industrial IoT Solutions

Discover Our Cutting-Edge IIoT Edge Devices and Sensor Solutions

iQunet: Harnessing the Power of wireless sensor networks and OPC UA – MQTT

iQunet develops innovative industrial solutions leveraging the robustness of wireless sensor networks and the versatility of OPC UA – MQTT protocols, providing superior sensor connectivity and seamless integration across multiple platforms.


Intelligent IIoT Edge Technology

Our IIoT Edge technology ensures near-real-time data processing right at the edge of your network. This capability enhances responsiveness and facilitates advanced data analytics combined with AI-based alarming systems, ensuring prompt and accurate decision-making.


Wireless Sensors and Data Transfer with “FAST” and “SLOW” Data Streams

iQunet’s versatile sensors fit your operational demands, offering both fast and slow data transmission options. This ensures optimal balance between high frequency monitoring needs  (e.g. vibration monitoring in kHz range) and long-term data analysis (such as power consumption monitoring sampling in Hz range).


Remote and On-Premise Solutions

Our WebRTC-based solution allows remote access to on-premise devices with the utmost ease, as well as integrating worldwide communication standards that support both on-premise and remote setups. Whether you are monitoring locally or remotely, iQunet facilitates a smooth and secure connection to your industrial systems.


Plug & Play User Experience

Setting up iQunet’s sensors and devices is straightforward with our plug-and-play user experience, designed to minimize installation time and simplify maintenance. Operational right out of the box with a simple interface accessible via standard web browsers or direct integration into your SCADA/MES systems.  There is no need for knowledge of software programming or coding, making it accessible for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.


Interoperability and Connectivity

Our solutions are built on a lightweight global messaging protocol that enhances IIoT connectivity. This ensures efficient data transfer across your network, enhancing interoperability without the burden of complex configuration processes. By utilizing industry-standard protocols such as OPC UA and MQTT, iQunet ensures seamless integration with existing systems. OPC UA provides secure and reliable communication across various industrial automation devices, while MQTT offers a lightweight messaging protocol optimized for low-bandwidth environments. Together, they enable robust, scalable, and flexible connectivity for all your industrial IoT needs.


Explore Our Products

  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Tailored for robust industrial applications, featuring long-range capabilities and low power consumption.
  • Edge Computing Devices: Equip your operations with edge computing capabilities that bring processing power closer to the data source for quicker insights.
  • Communication Solutions: Seamless integration with existing industrial systems through standardized protocols and user-friendly interfaces.