iQunet introduces a major breakthrough in wireless, battery-powered sensors and network technology
to manage assets in industry.



Wireless Sensors

Measure vibrations, inclination, proximity, temperature, motion and much more with iQunet wireless battery-powered award winning and patent pending sensors.



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Network Components

Install an unlimited number of sensors and put them seamless in the iQunet sensor network to create an uninterruptable monitoring system in the industry.



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iQunet Server & Data

The iQunet Server is the heart of your sensor network. Direct access tools allow you to maximize the potential of your valuable (big) data.




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Configuration & Reporting

Get the most out of iQunet’s intelligent sensors with our sensor firmware and web-based sensor dashboard. Share or interrogate data for maximum insights.



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Wireless Battery-Powered Sensors

Front view of the Wireless Battery-Powered Vibration Sensor

iQunet’s easy-fit wireless asset monitoring sensors measure physical machine parameters such as:
bearing vibration, temperature, proximity, rotation, inclination, and others.



Benefits : 

Intelligent sensors with microcontroller onboard

Extreme low power use offering the longest lifetime

As soon as batteries are inserted, the sensor is activated

Network with 99.9% end-to-end reliability

Network communications are secured through industry-standard authentication and encryption

Intuitive web-based Wireless Sensor Dashboard for 'live' data

BLUE sensor vibration icon
BLUE sensor inclination icon
BLUE sensor linear magnetic icon
BLUE sensor reed magnetic icon

Robust and Secure Wireless Network

iQunet wireless asset monitoring sensors can be mounted on machines or rotating equipment. A network, which navigates around obstacles and through walls, is formed automatically by the sensors. The Base Station can virtually serve an unlimited number of sensor nodes. A small DIN-rail mounted iQunet Server continuously analyzes and optimizes the network to create the most efficient paths and to balance the load across available paths.

Infographic Wireless Asset Monitoring

Monitoring in Industry




Industrial Diagnostics for Industry 4.0

In most facilities, the real-time monitoring and protection of critical rotating equipment is standard practice. However, the monitoring of second-tier equipment has traditionally been deemed cost-prohibitive or too difficult. While these unmonitored assets may not be classified as critical, a sudden failure can still cause serious disruption, shutdowns, and damage to equipment.




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iQunet won several BEMAS Digital Innovation Awards showing the potential of the iQunet developments.
Finalist BEMAS Digital Innovation Award 2022
Winner BEMAS Professional Jury Digital Innovation Award 2021
Winner BEMAS Digital Innovation Award 2017
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