New Industrial Edge (IPC) iQunet Server

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New Industrial Edge (IPC) iQunet Server

Front of the New Industrial Edge (IPC) iQunet Server

New Industrial Edge (IPC) iQunet Server

SKU: SERV199310-IPC-FR201

The New Industrial Edge iQunet Server is a fanless Industrial PC (IPC) with SSD storage, an operating temperature range of -20° to 60°C, a wide input power range, optional power over ethernet power delivery, and industrial components with long lifecycles.

The heart of the palm size iQunet Edge Server is a QuadCore ARM Cortex-A72 64-bit SoC. It is configured with 4 GB of RAM and an M.2 SATA SSD drive of 64Gb.


The 802.11ac Wi-Fi with external 161mm antenna provides a large wireless range for easy access to the internal hotspot of the device and for connecting to the available wireless LAN.

For connecting to the LAN, the iQunet Server is equipped with 1GbE LAN with optional PoE PD Input (contact your local sales team for more information).


The iQunet Server is standard powered with a 3-Pin Terminal Block Power Input (8~24V DC, 22W max) and is standard equipped with a DIN rail mounting set for back or edge mount.


The iQunet Data and Sensor Management Server runs an embedded webserver that provides direct or via internet access to the web based wireless Sensor Dashboard which monitors the sensor network and drives the dynamic sensor parameterization.


The iQunet Server has an embedded OPC UA Server inside as well, guaranteeing seamless data exchange with the users’ SCADA systems or OPC historians where the data can be backed up.


The iQunet Server also runs a GraphQL Server application that provides modern, easy to use, well documented APIs for seamless integration in customers software developments.


Data is logged on the iQunet Server but can be exported as a Google Sheet or a .CSV file with a single click command in the dashboard.


By running in the edge and not in the cloud, the iQunet Server operates reliably and securely even when being offline or having only intermittent connectivity.


Used in: Used for Edge monitoring of a large number of wireless sensors and for near real time monitoring at high samples rates and large number of samples. Used where frequent (vibration and current) monitoring is required and large amounts of data needs to be stored and where increased service levels are required.