Wireless 24V Powered Vibration Sensor

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Wireless 24V Powered Vibration Sensor

Front view of the Wireless 24V Powered Vibration Sensor

Industrial Wireless 24V Powered Vibration Sensor

SKU: IVIB161410-24V-PWR

The iQunet Vibration Monitoring Sensor is a device that monitors asset health of rotating equipment which fits well in the predictive maintenance and asset reliability strategy.


The iQunet wireless 24V powered machine condition sensor combines a sensor, data collector and radio into one compact device that measures both vibration and temperature data. The sensor collects triple axis time series vibration data. The sensor is powered with a 24V power supply (6VDC-60VDC). The sensor also has 1 standard coin cell on board acting as a backup during short power interruptions. Sensor parameters can be set remotely such as sampling rate, samples number, dynamic range, automatic measurement interval, etc.


The difference with the Battery-Powered Vibration Sensor is that the 24V Powered Vibration Sensor is always actively measuring. This “always on” listening function makes the sensor very suitable for the detection of the maximum peak vibration signal within a measurement interval on machinery or equipment that is only active for a limited time (1 or more times) within the measurement interval e.g. CNC machine, conveyor belt… The 24V Powered Vibration Sensor also has a smart self-learning signal peak detector function on board for plug and play commissioning. This function ensures that the sensor will only collect relevant vibration data.


The sensor makes a network direct to the central Base Station node or via the optional Repeater. Sensor data is visualized in the iQunet Sensor Dashboard on the iQunet Data Server, offering temperature graphs, time series in acceleration (g) and velocity (mm/s), spectrum graphs in (g) and (mm/s) including waterfall plots, RMS trend values and graphs in (g) and (mm/s), crest factor, peak values, etc.


Remark: this sensor can only be used in combination with the new generation iQunet Servers with software version 1.3.1 or higher.


Used in: condition monitoring of bearings, misalignment, unbalance, … of rotating equipment, condition monitoring of equipment with short or unknown interval periods like for example CNC machines and conveyor belts