100A Current Clamp

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100A Current Clamp

Back view of the 100A current clamp

Industrial 100A Current Clamp

SKU: ICUR271010-CLAMP-100A

The iQunet 300V~ 100A Current Clamp is a high-frequency sensor that monitors asset health of power equipment which fits well in the predictive maintenance and asset reliability strategy.


The iQunet 100A Current Clamp is a compact clamp-on sensor that monitors current consumption on existing power equipment. The clamp can for example easily be clicked over one of the power lines of a 3 phase motor. The sensor is equipped with a built-in open-circuit protective device. It captures the analog current time series which is automatically amplified by the integrated 22.6 mV/A amplifier. The Current Clamp sensor can be integrated in the iQunet system via the iQunet Current Clamp module installed in the iQunet Wireless Sensor Bridge where the analog signal is digitalized and prepared for wireless transfer to the iQunet Server. The digital sensor data can then be collected on the iQunet Server and sensor parameters such as sampling rate, number of samples, automatic measurement interval, etc. can be set remotely. The sensor also receives its power from the Wireless Bridge over the shielded cable so there is no need for an external power source.


The sensor makes a network connection to the central Base Station node via the Repeater module build in to the Wireless Bridge. Sensor data is visualized in the iQunet Sensor Dashboard on the iQunet Data Server, offering time series in current (A) and charge (A.s), spectrum graphs in (A),  and (A.s) including waterfall plots, RMS trend values and graphs in (A), and (A.s), peak values, etc.


Used in: current waveform monitoring in industrial environments, for easy installation on existing power equipment