Wireless Sensor Bridge

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Wireless Sensor Bridge

Front view of the Wireless Sensor Bridge

Industrial Wireless Sensor Bridge

SKU: BRID201010-BOX24V-3CH

The iQunet Wireless Sensor Bridge is a 24VDC (or 5.1VDC**) powered device, containing a Repeater plug-in module and 3 external cable gland inputs for the 3 measuring channels. The Sensor Bridge accepts up to 3 interchangeable ADMOD plug-in modules (not included) for the digitalization of analog sensors. Every module accepts an analog signal from one IEPE compatible device (like an IEPE vibration sensor or the iQunet Current Clamp) or a 0-10V analog third party sensor. It converts the analog signal to digital, ready for wireless transfer via the Wireless Bridge.

The Wireless Sensor Bridge can accept 3 of the following inputs, e.g.:

  • 1 x 3-Axis IEPE (iQunet or third party)
  • 3 x 1-Axis IEPE (iQunet or third party)
  • 3 x iQunet current clamps
  • 3 x  0-10V signal out third party sensors (e.g. oil particles, pressure, temperature, humidity, …)
  • or any combination by using the respective plug-in module.


It is not necessary to install all three channels/modules. It is possible to combine different plug-in ADMOD modules in 1 Wireless Sensor Bridge box.


The Wireless Bridge also acts as a Repeater, repeating other wireless iQunet sensors within its range. The plug-in modules with the cable connected devices communicate wireless via the installed Repeater module to the central Base Station node of the iQunet wireless system. With ADMOD modules installed and sensors connected, analog data is visualized in the iQunet Sensor Dashboard on the iQunet Data Server, offering time series, full spectrum graphs including waterfall plots, RMS trend values and optional even AI Anomaly trends and alarms.


Used for: the analog to digital conversion of analog vibration signals (with the IEPE Vibration Module), analog current signals (with the IEPE Compatible Current Clamp Module), or 0-10V analog sensor signals (with 0-10V Module). The Bridge also acts as a Repeater module within the wireless sensor network.