Power Junction Box IP67

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Power Junction Box IP67

Inside of the opened Power Junction Box

IP67 Power Junction Box with 230V-24V Transformer

SKU: ACCS617400-JUN8-IN000

This pre-assembled IP67 junction box contains a wired terminal block and a build-in 110/230VAC to  24VDC transformer (ACCS615410-230v-24V06A included). The box will be connected to an 110-230VAC power supply via the pre-mounted cable gland. The additional glands could be used to connect 1 up to 8 Wireless 24V Powered Vibration Sensors (IVIB161410-24V-PWR). The junction box makes it possible to easily power these 8 connected sensors with 1 build-in power supply.


Used for: the easy and fast connection of up to 8 24V Powered Vibration Sensors to the build-in 230V-24V Transformer in the junction box