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Starter Pack: Vibration Monitoring


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Starter Pack Vibration Monitoring:

New Generation Server + Base Station + 2 Vibration Sensors 16G

Starter pack for vibration monitoring or condition based maintenance (CBM). Including 1 New Generation iQunet server, 1 base station and 2 vibration sensors.


The New Generation iQunet server is a small size single board computer to which the base station is connected. It has a standard Ethernet connection and is Wi-Fi enabled. It is powered via a standardized USB charger (included) and runs state of the art software (included).


The base station is the center node of the iQunet wireless sensor network.  It can serve virtually an unlimited number of sensor nodes and/or optional repeaters (not included) and is powered via a standard micro USB connection (USB cable included).


The two iQunet wireless battery-operated machine condition vibration sensors combine a triple axis accelerometer, data collector and radio into one compact, battery-operated device that measures both vibration and temperature data.


Used in: complete starter pack for setting up online condition monitoring within less than 10 minutes.  Can be upgraded with an unlimited number of extra vibration sensors within the wireless range, or with all available sensor types and/or additional repeaters for extending range.