Wireless Battery-Powered Inclination Sensor

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Wireless Battery-Powered Inclination Sensor

Wireless Battery-Operated Inclination Sensor

Industrial Wireless Battery-Powered Inclination Sensor


The iQunet Inclination Monitoring Sensor monitors the inclination angle of machine components. Pitch and roll are collected in burst mode for statistical monitoring purposes.  A continuous roll guard parameter can be set to detect whether the machine component surpasses the set angle. The sensor is powered with 2 standard CR2032 coin cells (included) which assures function for several years in standard operation mode.


The alarm broadcast from the Inclination Sensor can be picked up by the iQunet Actuator (not included) which can e.g. drive a machine PLC to switch off the machine or flash a warning light.


The sensor makes a network direct to the central Base Station node or via the optional Repeater.  Sensor data is visualized in the iQunet Sensor Dashboard on the iQunet Data Server, offering temperature graphs, pitch and roll values and graphs, etc.


Used in: wireless monitoring of tilt behavior of static machinery or parts like paper/steel mill pinch rollers and wheels; position monitoring of freely suspended equipment or tools.