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Wireless Battery-Operated Vibration Sensor

Wireless Battery-Powered Monitoring Sensors

Vibration Sensor

The award-winning iQunet Vibration Sensor is used to monitor machine conditions such as vibrations and temperature. The wireless, battery-powered instrument includes a sensor, data collector, and radio in one compact device. The sensor collects triple-axis vibration acceleration data which can be analyzed to provide further insights into the condition of the machine.

Inclination Sensor

The iQunet Inclination Sensor monitors the inclination angle of machine components. Pitch and roll are collected in burst mode for monitoring purposes. A guard roll parameter can be set to detect whether the machine component surpasses the defined angle. An alarm broadcast generated by the iQunet Inclination Sensor can be picked up by an iQunet actuator. The actuator can be programmed to drive the PLC to switch off the machine.

Proximity Sensor

The iQunet Proximity Sensor monitors the linear distance between machine components. By measuring the magnetic field, this accurate and easily programmable hall-effect sensor is able to detect the proximity of a magnet down to the range of a few nanometers. This enables accurate monitoring of parameters such as the alignment and tension of conveyor belts over long periods of time.

Proximity Switch Sensor

This magnetically actuated internal reed switch monitors the presence of machine components wirelessly. An open switch is closed in the presence of a magnet. The Proximity Switch Sensor can collect data such as machine cycles, the rotation speed of machinery, or the position of doors (open or closed).

Temperature Logger Sensor (available 2020)

The iQunet wireless Temperature Logger Sensor is “armed” via the sensor dashboard.  Based on an adjustable vibration level, the temperature logging starts even outside the wireless sensor network.  Once back in the sensor network, the sensor releases its data.  Like with all iQunet sensors, data is saved on the iQunet server and can be visualized in the sensor dashboard or accessed via OPC UA communication.

VOC/CO2 Sensor (available 2020)

This wireless VOC/CO2 Sensor can measure levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), relative humidity, and temperature in the air surrounding it. This is useful for measuring the air quality in workplaces and ensuring the space meets local regulations. The sensor is both wireless and battery-powered.

PIR Motion Sensor (available 2020)

The iQunet PIR (passive infrared) Motion Sensor detects changes in the level of infrared radiation. It uses a PIR sensor to measure infrared light radiating from objects in its field of view. The wireless, battery-powered sensor allows you to monitor zones and traffic and generates valuable data.