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Vibration Monitoring Sensor

The award winning iQunet wireless battery-powered Vibration Monitoring Sensor combines a sensor, data collector and radio into one compact, battery-powered device that measures both vibration and temperature data. The sensor collects triple axis vibration acceleration data for further analysis.

Wireless and battery-powered (2 x CR2032)

Up to 3200 Hz sampling rate and 8192 samples (fmax 1600 Hz)

3-axis acceleration measurement, adjustable 2g – 16 g dynamic range

Runs >5 years on two coin-cell batteries (at one vibration capture per day)

 Combined temperature sensor

Outputs: raw time signal, DFT, waterfall, RMS (g) and (mm/s), crest factor, …

Industrial Wireless Battery-Powered Vibration Sensor

Order Code: IVIB161010-ACC3-016

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Wireless Battery-Operated Vibration Sensor