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Industrial Case with iQunet Server kit incl. WIFI/LTE


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Industrial Case with iQunet Server kit incl. WIFI/LTE 3G-4G access

The MiFi server kit is an roughed case containing a MiFi router (4G) with ethernet connection and a build in, pre-cabled iQunet server (included) . The kit will be connected to the mains 230V with a standard PC switch plug (included) and has battery backup on board. The kit provides an internal and external USB port to connect to the base station (not included). The kit replaces the DIN rail iQunet server (SERV199010-USB-5V2A) when building up the sensor network. Communication costs and SIM card are not included.


Used in: setting up an iQunet sensor network where no internet connection is available, and a mobile connection is desired.

Used when quick set up and configuration of a network is desired before installing ethernet. Also used for temporarily making measurements when assets need to be monitored quickly without server installation time.


Technical specification:

  • Case: roughed plastic
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +55°C
  • Power supply: 230V, battery backup
  • Power connection:
    • Standard PC switch plug (included)
    • Battery backup
  • Ethernet connection: 1 x  10/100 Ethernet
  • MiFi: 4G
  • Base Station USB connection: 1 internal and 1 external
  • Software: pre-installed (licenses included)
    • OPC UA server
    • Webserver
    • GraphQL server
    • iQunet monitoring software
  • Memory: dynamic database autoscaling
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