iQunet > Magnetic mount – Ø32 (30kg) – incl. bolt

Magnetic mount – Ø32 (30kg) – incl. bolt


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Magnetic mount – Ø32 (30kg) – incl. bolt

The 32 mm diameter flat magnet in a steel pot has a countersunk borehole and can be mounted with a countersunk bolt (bolt and nut are included). This magnetic mount can carry up to 30 kilos.


Used for: temporary mounting of iQunet sensors on a flat surface (see attachment for the safety and assembly instructions).


Technical specification:

  • Physical: 
    • Diameter (mm): 32
    • Height (mm): 7
    • Tolerance (mm): +- 0.1
    • Weight: 35g
    • Material: NdFeB
    • Coating: Nickel-plated
    • Steel: Q235 (China)

  • Installation: attached with bolt and nut to sensor (bolt and nut included)
  • Operating temperature: +80°C max
  • Magnetisation: N38
  • Strength: +- 30kg