Project objective

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iQunet has developed a wireless battery-powered sensor for the past two years that monitors the status of (production) machines. There is a lot of demand for the sensor, also in explosion-prone environments. iQunet is now developing an ATEX-IECEx version, so that the sensor can also be deployed in potentially explosive areas.

iQunet sensors are placed on (production) machines and measure parameters such as vibrations and temperature. This information is sent wirelessly to a central unit. The collected information gives a picture of the condition in which the machines or industrial processes are located. In this way, it can be accurately estimated in advance whether, for example, an engine or pump is in need of maintenance or replacement. This allows companies to save the costs of an unnecessary replacement and they are not surprised by a sudden defect.


Explosion danger

Unique to the sensors of iQunet is that they work on two small low-power batteries, which nevertheless collect big data. This information is available quickly and efficiently. Today, however, the sensor can not be used in environments with an explosion hazard, where flammable gases, vapor, mist or dust are present. A small ignition source can already lead to an explosion. In order to be able to use the sensors, they must comply with the ATEX and IECEx standards, which means that they must under no circumstances cause a spark.



In the project, financed by CrossRoads2, iQunet investigates which adjustments are needed to make the sensor suitable for explosion-sensitive zones. The start-up iQunet works together with the Dutch engineering organization Improvia. Within this innovation project, both partners will go a step further and develop a prototype. A number of aspects need to be addressed both in the sensors and in the network components. By broadening the applicability of the innovative sensor, iQunet and Improvia can tap into a whole new market.


Availability Atex-EICEx sensor

iQunet will have the sensor certified and put into production.

The sensor will be on the market in Q1 / 2020 with certification Ex II 2G Ex-i, ib IIB T4 Gb.