Industry 4.0

The emerging Industrial IoT gives rise to what is predicted to be a sweeping change that will fundamentally reconfigure industry. It is being called the next Industrial Revolution. This revolution follows the previous three industrial revolutions, which are usually identified as mechanization (powered by steam engines in the 1800s), mass production (powered by electricity and the assembly line in the early 1900s) and automation (powered by computers in the late 1900s). As the fourth industrial revolution, it has taken on the name Industry 4.0, in keeping with the way new versions or releases of software are usually designated. This is appropriate, considering that the latest industrial revolution is powered by the Internet and Web-enabled software applications capable of processing streams of manufacturing data.

Many areas of our lives have already been changed by the Internet of Things, and industry is no exception. By blending the real and the virtual worlds of production via the internet, the IoT makes it possible to connect all parts of the production process: Connected Operations and Connected Products.

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